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Geronimo Bonomo Project




Recognizing that there are deeper and perhaps unknowable aspects to what is seen and experienced in this life has convinced me to maintain and express a sense of wonder. My approach as an art maker is ministerial, dictated by the subject and concept that urges me to create.  In these works I interpret the mysterious and profound significance of medieval and early renaissance paintings with the awe and wonder inherent in the exploration of deep and ancient space. I allude to the ultimate connection that exists in all facets of physical reality. 

In the series of 20 digital collages the stripping away of all corporeal and material references quickly and effectively indicate an ultimate physical truth; that “even this too shall pass away” and in that there exists ever present movement. The unknowable mystery implied in this circuitous statement is emphasized with the aligned expansive infinite implications of the deep space images.

Geronimo Bonomo is a pseudonym for Jerry Wellman 

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