​​​​Jerry Wellman explores the realm of the non-rational narrative. His works are not abstract, yet also do not fit in to the confines of an easily understandable narrative. The work exists on a fragile border between storytelling and poetry, between rational and irrational, between didactic and incomprehensible.  His art has a vernacular feel, a visual aid towards a deeper more personal understanding. Wellman could be seen as an Outsider, except he is not, he is schooled and sophisticated, and navigates through the world of contemporary art. Wellman sparks our imagination and sense of wonder with super-sensible imagery, humor, and his ingenious perspectives on our world. This is art for the “folk” in all of us as Wellman calls us to question and explore ourselves and make sense of what we see and who we are.

Wellman's  paintings and drawings have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Holly Solomon Gallery in New York City, Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn and throughout The US. His drawings are widely featured in his books “Shadows”, “What To Do With A Dead Pinon”, and “Emblems of Hidden Durations”.  Axle Contemporary, a collaborative project with Matthew Chase-Daniel seeks to more widely define art and art practice. more at www.axleart.com


JERRY WELLMAN:  Flow Explorations

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JERRY WELLMAN:  Flow Explorations